Are you looking forward to having an amazing time with your students this year?

Are you an educator of children 3-5 years of age?

Do you enjoy implementing a hands-on approach?

Do you like to have fun, engaging, and purposeful learning activities organized in one planner?

Get all 14 themed packs in one bundle and SAVE!

Hands-on activities are organized by week and by day. The pack is accompanied by a pre-filled planner for guided learning with an editable date box and headings. The guided learning planner comes with low prep activities that cover major areas of a child’s development and foster independence, creativity, and critical thinking.

"We have really enjoyed the Activity Planner for my son who is almost 5. It gives us daily structure and so many activities. We do so much hands-on learning already but this really helps us get creative with new games and activities. One of my favorite things is that some of the things like a nature hunt or the dice activities, we do as a family and include my other two children. It really becomes a family activity. We can pick and choose what we feel works best for our schedule and lifestyle, but there are endless choices. I have already recommended this program to several friends! Wonderful work! ".
~ Ola
Important: This money-saving bundle contains hundreds of pages with colorful educational printables. The printables are offered here for a price that is far below the retail value to make it affordable to provide your children with an amazing learning experience. Since the bundle and planner packs are accessed electronically, they are nonrefundable.

Just to see how amazing the planner packs are, click on each pack to find out its individual contents. All packs contain a set of FREE seasonal activities and additional FREE bonus printables to help you always have fun seasonal activities for your students on hand. However, each pack included in the bundle contains unique printables that accompany the corresponding weekly planner.

GET THE BUNDLE (total value - over $400)

Frequently Asked Questions

Would teachers and classroom educators benefit from this planner, or is it strictly for homeschooling families?

Absolutely! Teachers may benefit from it greatly. In fact, this is the best way to get the most value from materials I create as you receive access not only to preschool packs but also to my seasonable printables with learning activities and related content for a fraction of the price.

Should I begin with week 1 and 2?

Generally speaking, starting with the Dinosaur Package (week one and two) is a good idea if your child is not familiar with letter sounds and letter/number formations as the packs do follow a natural progression of skills acquired and sequence. The same goes for practical life. However, if you wish for your child to work with a particular theme, you may set aside more challenging work for later and still enjoy those resources.

 How many printables are there in this bundle?

There are fourteen 100-page packs, 8 seasonal packs, and many additional bonus printables. In total over 1800 pages of printables.

GET THE BUNDLE (total value - over $400)