Christmas Advent Calendar, Printables & Busy Book

Amazing Hands-on Christmas Activities and Crafts Plus Fun, Engaging Printables for the Holiday Season



It is the time to create wonderful memories together and make the most magical time of the year even more special.

What if this year you will have a different kind of Christmas tree? What if this year you will make your own decorations?The Advent Calendar contains 24 activities and recipes for each day of December, and each activity is a new opportunity to connect, bond, and create wonderful memories together.

An amazing part is that Cornelia has done all those activities with her young children at home before. They have been tried and tested. She included a step-by-step guide, photos, and explicit instructions on how to make every activity a success and help you and your children enjoy it to the fullest. So many things that Cornelia does with her children are in sync with nature. She uses mostly natural materials and real-life tools to create meaningful activities for children. You will be making spice candles, Christmas tree decorations, needle felted snowflakes, Christmas wall tree, bake and so much more. All activities are kid-friendly, they aim to educate hands and mind.
In addition to the Advent, you will get Montessori Nature's winter and Christmas printables along with Christmas NO PREP busy book. You will be able to make gorgeous Christmas coloring cards, color beads addition cards, Christmas themed knobless cylinders extension cards, and cards for push pinning. No prep book is an easy way to get the children engaged when you need to keep them busy or would like to have some quiet time while they are concentrating on tracing, matching and counting.

With winter printables, you can create hands-on learning activities. Download printables to help your little ones to practice many crucial skills - one-to-one correspondence, addition, subtraction, work on fine motor skills, learn about the animal world, explore the artworks of famous artists, and develop deeper concentration.






As a child, I loved the trips I used to take with my father on the mountains, exploring the woods and fall in love with the natural world.

As an adult, I continued the journey, which took me halfway across the world, survived a plane crash and learned how to meditate in a Buddhist temple.
But in my journey, I have found myself, and the true essence of life.
As a mother, I wanted to share the love for nature with my children, and teach them values. Raise them to be good people, good friends, good neighbors, but most importantly, good husbands and fathers. To be free, and happy.
Our everyday life is a wonderful adventure, with good and bad, but we learn to embrace it all and learn from it. We read, we laugh, we create and explore without limits.
This is how “Our world of wonder” page began, from the desire of sharing our homeschool journey, hoping that our lessons and materials will inspire others as well. To promote the love for nature, and to share our desire of protecting it.
And to create a community where people can share kindness and support. A community where we share ideas and the love for art, music, and raising our children in a gentle way.
Find Cornelia here: Facebook | Instagram | Etsy

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