Introduction to Forest Learning

Gain the confidence to guide your students using the Forest Learning approach.


Would you like to learn practical ways to incorporate forest learning approach? Would you like your students to reap all the incredible benefits of spending time in nature and learning outdoors?

Allow us to show you how to start implementing principles of learning in the natural environment with an expert and accredited Nature Pedagogue, the founding Director of Natureweavers, an award-winning forest school in Australia.



Foundational concepts of outdoor learning

How to implement elements of this unique approach in your classroom at school, childcare, kindy or at home

How to incorporate teaching techniques that surround Forest Learning concepts into your daily program

The importance of outdoor learning and where it stands in relation to the academic foundations

Key elements of the outdoor environment

Examples of Forest Learning lessons that are age-appropriate

How to observe children in nature



Carly Garner

Carly’s life and pursuits are so inextricably linked with the wildspace around her, that she spends most of her life covered in fallen leaves, creekside mud, ticks and dandelion blossom, with a knife, flint and tinder around her neck, foraged wild greens and vegetable seeds lining her pockets and groups of children scattered about her. An earth warrior in heart, mind and soul, Carly quietly creates the conditions for relationships between people and wildspaces to grow and thrive, inspiring earth stewardship from infancy through to adulthood.

Carly is the founding Director of Natureweavers, an award winning forest school on the Sunshine Coast. Nestled into the sunrise side of Black Mountain, Carly mentors children, families and adults and trains educators, teachers and those who live, work and play with children in practical and theoretical approaches to learning in, with and from nature and has been doing so since 2010.

Carly is an accredited Nature Pedagogue with the International Association of Nature Pedagogy, and she delivers practical sessions to inspire and encourage adults to learn in, with and from nature alongside children. Carly is an also environmental advocate with 14 years experience in the non-government, community and education sectors.

She has previously worked for Oxfam Australia in their International Emergencies Department, contributing to the re- establishment of sustainable communities in East Timor, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and the Pacific Islands. Carly managed the development and implementation of the Oxfam Australia Environmental Sustainability Plan, which directed and inspired the agency towards environmental sustainability in its operations, programs and advocacy.

She is currently study a Masters of Education, with research interests in how childhood nature play transforms into earth stewardship behaviour into adulthood.

She is also constantly on the lookout for the perfect walking stick.

Find Carly here: WEBSITE:

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"Carly's insight on Forest Learning is so inspiring! Outdoor play is such an important piece of children's development and after watching her presentation I am going to recommend that our parents take a moment to sign up for this informative learning experience".

- Ann

"The presentation is so enlivening and enriching in all its facets as it provides endless opportunities to environmental learning. I see how nature and forest enriches the holistic growth of each child , thereby promoting them as a naturalist.The defining feature of this presentation is that children are provided with opportunities to built an ongoing relationship with land, with one another, and with themselves if such knowledge is implemented".

- Shirley

"I was both inspired and pushed by the presentation to both trust children and the land to work in concert and naturally together to create learning and connection. I loved the idea of "dynamic risk assessment", and feel as though that is a realistic and helpful way to approach being with children in the outdoors - particularly the "beyond". I also very much appreciated the shift from "keeper of information" to learning beside one another. I also found the question, "How much information and when?" a good one to ask as we think about our children's experiences. Thank you".

- Alisa

"I have reflected often about our need to care for our natural habitats and all living things within and how we nurture that in our young children. To do that I believe we must first care and appreciate nature. Carly's experiences and ideas shared here show me the possibilities for our learning and how we can better connect with nature".

- Maree

"Carly Garner provided viewers with motivation to start forest programs from where they are. She provided a very laid back, conversational presentation which just helps viewers relax and take in what her message is! Thank you!"

- Teresa

"Very interesting presentation, helping childcare workers to see the wealth of opportunities and equipment that we have on our doorstep in our woods, beaches etc. I have many ideas buzzing around my head now to try out over the Summer holidays. Thank you. X"

- Angela

"It was very relaxed and full of great implementable information."

- Danielle

"3 important tips were taken from this: Is it awesome, should we do it and how can we make it safe? Students can be more of themselves with this approach to programs".

- Heidi

"It was an eye opener for nature play, as it covers the different areas of activity at the same time meeting the development of the children. I love the part that it is also open to a free play activity".

- Oghenenyerhovwo

"Carly Garner is inspiring and speaks directly and clearly, making the topic of learning activities in nature enlightening."

- Maria

"I really enjoyed it, I thought that the ideas such as tea time and yarn circle. It was nice to see an example of their daily schedule too".

- Emily

"Transformations and experiences I observed my daughter partake in as she was attending childhood nature play sessions with Carly - something I wished to every child with all of my heart. Carly has the ability to empower educators and parents with passion and knowledge that come from a very personal connection to the natural environment and deep understanding of the fundamental needs of young children".

- Anastasia (Founder of Montessori Nature, former teacher, homeschooling mother of three)



Carly's Forest School Daily Rhythm

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"The child has a different relation to his environment from ours… the child absorbs it. The things he sees are not just remembered; they form part of his soul. He incarnates in himself all in the world about him that his eyes see and his ears hear.” - Maria Montessori

Pleaste note the recording was done outdoors. Hence some background noises like dog barking and wind are present at times.

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