How to Start Homeschooling

Are you feeling overwhelmed and don't know where to start? I did too! But now I am here to help!


Homeschooling is a tough gig. It has never been an easy path!

I know that because I am that exhausted parent who has million and one things on my plate with three young humans depending on me for their education and really their entire future. It does not get any more daunting than that. So what's the point? The point here is to see homeschooling from a perspective.

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Insignificant everyday obstacles can cover our vision. I would love to help you to see a bigger picture and to start laying those foundational stepping stones you can use to propel your homeschool in the direction where you can grow even further.

When I was a first-time homeschool parent five and a half years ago, I had my classroom experience, school training, and instinct to guide me. I also had so many imperfections and I was questioning whether I was cut for the task. But my determination kept me going, digging, searching, learning. My children mold me into becoming a parent they needed me to be. Now I could not be more confident of anything else in my life. Not that I will ever stop learning or making mistakes. I get my confidence when I observe the way my children show compassion, pursue their goals, jump over hurdles, hold a conversation with an adult, offer a hand, and become more and more independent by the day. I realize that this magic is being born from within them. I am here to guide them showing the utmost respect to their personalities, support their needs, and create a safe environment. I would love to show you how I got here and save you some precious time.

So how is this information I am sharing with you in this 25-minute presentation any different from anything else out there?

It comes from my very personal experience, it is very raw but universal. I worked hard to make Montessori principals a foundation of every interaction I make with my children and this is what I wish to present.





Anastasia is not a stranger to homeschool challenges parents face when they first begin to homeschool their children. She has been raising her three children with Montessori principals at heart from the very start. She stepped into a Montessori classroom for the first time eighteen years ago and has never looked back. The second-generation teacher, she was brought up in a school that at the time was called "experimental". Located in the forest, with a lake, acres of the wild forest for students to call their playground, innovative teachers, international summer camps, and eleven students per classroom, it could not be any further away from traditional education. At twenty years of age, Anastasia had a university degree under her belt, she pursued her passion for intentional travel. She continued to study in Europe and volunteer to work with underprivileged children in Russia. Later she pursued her desire to continue working with children and get her official teaching degree. She completed her Post Grad in Early Childhood in Australia and worked at the American Montessori preschool classroom in Russia and at Montessori Children's House in Australia. She also volunteered to work in a childcare center in the US and spent an unforgettable summer in the woods of Montana working as a counselor in a Summer camp.

However, nothing can be more testing and satisfying for Anastasia as working and investing in the future of her own children. Once her oldest turned three, she started to homeschool. Now she is very keen to share her experience and eager to help parents avoid mistakes she has made along the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you talk about curriculum and routines?
No. This presentation is one of the blocks of my homeschool series. In the future, I will be covering the homeschool routine for different age groups and talk about curriculum choices in detail.
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